Best Private Photo Sharing Sites of 2021

You must have heard, Every Picture Tells a Story.

These pictures make the events memorable and timeless. If it’s an attention-grabber or an eye-catchy picture, it will definitely catch the attention of the viewers and have a dramatic effect on their minds within split seconds.

If your relative’s comments on family group reminds you of something funny or if you want to roast your friends, you do not have to struggle finding a suitable image every time. Whether you want to share an image or upload them to your website, you need to have a comprehensive gallery of high-quality images that can be accessed at any time. For this, image hosting websites are the best platformto store, upload and share photos.

Let’s look at the best private photo sharing sites before you purchase their hosting plan-

6 Best Private Photo Sharing & Hosting Websites

1. Google Photos (5-star rating)

Google Photos

Even though initially Google Photos only allowed users to back-up their photo library, they have now come up with some interesting sharing functionalities. Google Photos allows its users to upload their pictures in private, which means, it will only be visible to the user, but they also have the option of sharing these images with family and friends at any time which they can later download and save in their photo library.

It is the highest rated and most popular site, because it offers a free tier allowing users to save and store unlimited photos. What is better than that?

  • Back up of unlimited images, videos, photos for free up to 16 MP
  • Manageable phone storage
  • Easily accessible from phones, tablets or PC
  • Organizes photos according to people, places and things that matter
  • Easy mechanization with simple gestures
Check out Google Photos

2. iCloud Photos (4.5 stars)

iCloud Photos

If you own an apple device, either an iPhone or a Macbook, then you must already know what we are talking about. Once you turn on the iCloud settings in the iPhone, the pictures are automatically uploaded in iCloud as you take them.

It allows you to create collaborative albums and share images and videos with your friends and family privately.

  • Up to 5GB free storage
  • File Size limit up to 15 GB
  • Allows shareable links, many people can work together at one time
  • Easy collaborative tools with numbers, keynotes, pages and notes
Check out iCloud Photos

3. Imgur(4.2 stars)


If you are afraid to see the “full storage” message, Imgur is a perfect site for you to store unlimited images and photos. It hosts images for websites like Reddit or other social media sites, so it might not be the perfect place to store family and vacation photos here.

However, without the hassle of creating an account, Imgur allows you to upload as many images as you want and gives you access to features like albums and captions for easy organization.

  • Easy interface, suitable for every user
  • Allows phone verification
  • Supports upload options like drag and drop
  • Features reaction GIF’s
  • Allows auto-expand on desktop
  • Supports video and audio options
Check out Imgur

Amazon Photos(4.6 stars)

amazon photos

If you are an Amazon Prime member, this site is absolutely free for you, fully integrated with other Amazon products, which means, you can access your photo library through any FireTv or Alexa-enabled device with a screen. It has very similar features to those of Google Photos and iCloud Photos.

  • Unlimited photo storage for Prime member
  • Up to 5GB video storage for Prime members
  • Up tp 5GB photo & video storage for other
  • Allows you to store, print and share photos through Amazon Photos App
Check out Amazon Photos

5. Dropbox (4 stars)


Even though Dropbox might not be the typical photo library manager, it is a quick alternative and a user-friendly way to share your files. It allows you to upload your private pictures and videos, and share them with anybody.

It also allows you to create a shared folder, you can then share the link with others to work or view pictures together.

  • Allows syncing data across all devices safely
  • File size limit up to 50GB
  • Service available on MacOS, Linux and Windows
  • Binds your content together
  • Supports notifications of progress updates
  • Allows adding to-dos to descriptions
Check out Dropbox

6. WeTransfer (4.5 rating)


If you want to share your private album, a folder or a bunch of pictures, WeTransfer is the quickest and easiest way to send it. It is not necessary to have an account to share private pictures. All you need to do is, type in the email-id of the receiver, attach the folder or images and click share.

However, it has a limit of sharing up to 2 GB data, but if you create an account and pay to upgrade, you can access up to 20 GB data with password protection.

  • Allows large-size file transfers
  • Accessible on iOS, Android and Mac apps
  • Password-protected transfers
  • Supports customizable backgrounds, URL’s and emails
Check out WeTransfer


You know what is worse than a heart break? Pain of losing images which you can never capture again. Be it private, personal or professional, nobody would want to go through that pain.

It is always better to store your private pictures in a quality image hosting site and use them whenever needed. Hopefully this article helped you figure out the best way to share your pictures privately.